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Dr. Josh & Dr. Vanessa are so invested in their patients. I travel 35 min because of the care they give. I’ve gone to other chiropractors where they’ve been so pushy & condemning but I never really experienced a difference in how I felt. At GFC they treat you like family & if you do what they suggest you’ll feel the difference! They’re not pushy or condemning. It’s a very relaxed & refreshing atmosphere. Krista is so thorough & efficient! I feel like I’ve known the 3 of them for years! They are so creative with how to help you live a healthy, effective life! I could go on forever! I love them!
— ★★★★★ by Becky W.
Dr. Vanessa has been amazing in helping to pinpoint the causes of years of sicknesses. I love that she was able to recommend natural remedies along with other lifestyle changes. She is always so attentive to my concerns, I always feel truly cared for after leaving her office.

And Krista is such a delight to be greeted by when I walk into GFC Wellness!
— ★★★★★ by Rebecca G.
I would and do often highly recommend GFC Wellness Dr Josh and Dr Vanessa Golojuh for Chiropractic care, NAET(Natural Allergy Elimination Therapy), NRT(Nutritional Tesponse testing and Funtional Medicine. My three children 11, 13, 18 and myself have been in their knowledge and compassionate care for 4 years now. They have made a tremendous difference in our lives. From auto immune challenges to my sons injured back and ribs from his Sport they truly know how to serve their patients, heal and support along the way. My daughter says Dr Josh makes me laugh. We are grateful!
— ★★★★★ by Heather F.
I bring my children to see Dr Josh. He was excellent in helping my infant son who was struggling with holding his head. We have seen great benefits from working with Dr Josh. GFC Wellness is a valuable resource!
— ★★★★★ by Cynthia Seth
I’m new to GFC, but I’ve now had my initial appointment with Dr. Vanessa (in December) and I’m already noticing drastic, positive changes by implementing the first steps of her dietary recommendations. I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress moving forward!

Today was my first appointment with Dr. Josh following a car accident. He explained things so clearly and really put my mind at ease following some misconceptions I’ve had about chiropractic care. The adjustment felt great and was so relaxing. I can’t wait to get full use of my shoulder back and gain all the other benefits I don’t know about yet!

The office is so calm, clean, and inviting. Krista is also wonderful and makes everything run so smoothly. I love going and am so happy I found this gem!! Thank you, GFC!
— ★★★★★ by Katie S.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Vanessa and Dr. Josh for the last 2 months and haven’t felt this good in years! They are knowledgable, kind, and encouraging. The truly care about their patients and I couldn’t be happier that I found them! Krista is wonderful and extremely helpful as well. I recommend GFC Wellness to my family and friends (which I don’t do lightly).
— ★★★★★ by Tina T.
The functional medicine testing that Dr. Vanessa offers gives so much more information in maintaining a healthy body than traditional blood testing. I highly recommend taking the time to find out about how these tests can change your life and health. Drs. Josh and Vanessa offer a refreshing and natural path to wellness with their expertise, cutting edge methodology and generally great energy!
— ★★★★★ by Nancy K
I have been seeing Dr. Josh over the past few months for shoulder pain...he has also been working with me to help regulate emotions and treat my hiatal hernia. The office is quiet, calm, with a very welcoming atmosphere...wonderful office staff Krista! I am feeling overall a great sense of serenity and relaxation that I haven’t had in awhile (not every single second, but often enough to truly notice)! Dr. Josh utilizes several different and unique holistic methods of healing, including essential oils, which I very much enjoy! I have received additional information on a detox food regimen, and was never pressured to purchase supplements, books, etc...that means alot to me. I highly recommend GFC for your healing needs!
— ★★★★★ by Mindy C.
I’m a lifelong athlete (swimming, rowing), and I deal with several autoimmune conditions. Managing diet, stress, and pain is a top priority for me, not just for my baseline health, but also for performance. I’ve experienced such nuanced and attentive care at GFC Wellness since I started going this past summer— Dr. Josh listens closely, considers the whole person, and communicates treatment plans in a way that’s clear and actionable. I feel like a participant in my own health care, which gives me a sense of control and security that I often don’t have when experiencing a flare. Also— and this may seem superficial, but truly makes a difference— the space is beautiful. It smells great when you walk in, every room is inviting, nicely decorated and clean. These details set the stage for a healing experience. I’m really glad I found GFC!
— ★★★★★ by Erinn B.
My family of 5 all go to Doctor Josh. Our first visit was for our 4 year old son whose eyes were swollen from allergies and I didn’t want to continue giving him several different allergy medications. Then I started going for my lower back pain which I’ve been treating with chiropractic care for over 6 years, never experienced the relief that I do with Josh. My husband just asked me where my shoe insoles where—they are gone... I don’t need them anymore. Then my 6 year old daughter was next to go to Dr. Josh for some allergy issues then my husband went for some pains and since has been going for any discomfort that appears and loves that the pain disappears after a visit with Dr. Josh. Just last week I took my 22 month old for allergies and this week she hasn’t needed any allergy medicine. All of the staff are kind and Dr. Josh is always on time which helps when you take three kids with you. Dr. Josh is effective and passionate about what he does and it shows.
— ★★★★★ by Amber R.
After having seen an orthopedic and having had numerous tests with know relief, I went in about 4 years ago because I was having severe ankle problems which caused me great pain with every step. Dr. Josh said he could fix it in 6 weeks. I thought, there is no way he’s going to fix this in that short of a time after I’d walked in pain for nearly a year. Sure enough, in the 6th week, the pain was gone, and I was walking normally. I was truly amazed. With every issue I bring to Dr Josh, I always feel better after i leave. It is a different more gentle adjustment, but boy does it work!
— ★★★★★ by Mirra G.
A few months ago I decided to try the nasal balloon treatment to try and control frequent bouts of sinus infections and allergies. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but I’ve been seeing Dr Josh for a few years and after he explained all the benefits and risks I was happy to sign up.
The treatment is spread over a few weeks (in my case) and consisted of five sessions. Each session was a progression on the last (i.e greater inflation of the balloon). The results were almost instantly noticeable, and some 3 months later I’m still feeling great!
The single worse part of the treatment is getting the balloon into the sinus cavity - however when I say worse part, it takes about 10 seconds and makes your eyes water a bit, it’s not unpleasant, just a little uncomfortable the first few times.
As the sessions progressed I had a tiny bit of nosebleed, but nothing too bad. I also experienced a couple of migraines. Dr Josh recommended I used peppermint oil to relieve the pain and it worked a treat.
For a few days after treatment I really felt different, I had more energy, slept better and could actually breathe through my nose properly.
So would I do it again? Absolutely, without hesitation. I’m booked in for a follow up in October and am already looking forward to it (I’m odd like that!) If you are in any doubt about doing this, or have worries there really is no need. If your experience is like mine you will be an instant fan and will be left wondering where this treatment has been all your life .
— ★★★★★ by Michael W.
Each staff member at GFC Wellness Center had gone above and beyond to provide me with excellent care. With a comforting, calming environment, I know I’m receiving incredibly healthy and effective care. The practice has done great things for our family; including our children. We believe in the practice and will continue to take our business to them!
— ★★★★★ by Brittany G.
I’ve been going to Chiropractors for most of my 73 years. Dr. Josh changed my complete way of looking at how this field of healing should be done. He is the first one (of many) who gets in tune with what your body needs. He was recommended by a intuitive friend of mine. I thank her, and my body thanks her. I always say, ‘watch what you ask for!’ In this case I’m glad I did!
— ★★★★★ by Jack K.
I’ve seen Dr. Josh for adjustments, he is extremely thorough and does a fantastic job! I’ve also seen Dr. Vanessa for allergy elimination and she does a great job. This place is excellent and treats all of their patients really well and like family.
— ★★★★★ by Dan F.
Just moved here from MI and stumbled upon this little gem. Would recommend to anyone. Krista offers great, fast customer service at the front desk area. Dr. Josh is very knowledgeable and offers advice when asked and doesn’t push supplements etc. Very clean facility. Understanding when I’ve had to reschedule last minute and taken me in when I’ve had emergent symptoms. No complaints!! Love them!
— ★★★★★ by Melissa M.
Dr. Josh has been my Chiropractor for many years. I started with him for chronic issues with my neck and back. He has kept me moving without the ‘back cracking’ associated with chiropractic. He is able to pinpoint my trouble spots and treat me effectively. He offers advice on supplements and foods that benefit my health. His first office was 5 minutes from my house, now I travel 25 minutes to see him. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
— ★★★★★ by Nancy P.
Relocating back to Pittsburgh, I was thrilled to find a naturopathic facility so nearby my new home - and even more thrilled to discover the warm and welcoming front office and the very caring and knowledgeable Dr. Josh and Dr. Vanessa. I truly appreciate and also embrace the concept of full body healing, which is what their services are based upon. After several months of regular appointments and adding just a few recommended supplements, I am truly able to see and feel a huge improvement in so many areas - not just chiropractic. I love the fact that visits are kept to a shorter amount of time, but are efficient and still very personal and flexible - allowing enough time to converse about any new areas of concern, questions or comments and still encompass a full treatment, sometimes from head to toe. The scheduling is excellent - I have rarely had to wait more than a few moments for my appointment - as Kristen and Dr. Josh are very conscientious about being timely. I find this particularly appealing as my chiropractor on the West Coast - as much as I loved his treatments - was chronically late, sometimes up to an hour wait for an appointment. While this may be a turn off for some patients, as it doesn’t allow quite as much flexibiity for unforeseen circumstances, as a very busy business owner, I certainly appreciate the fact that I can absolutely count on being seen on time and I know exactly how much time I will be away from the office. And as a tradeoff, I am fully aware that I may have to forfeit a visit if I am unable to be on time, which I gladly accept. I look forward to continued improvements in my overall health and well being and also look forward to being able to take advantage of many of the other additional services Dr. Josh and Dr. Vanessa offer in the very near future. Thank you guys for everything!!
— ★★★★★ by Patty B.
Dr. Josh and Dr. Vanessa have helped me reclaim my health and my body!! I’ve been seeing them both on a regular basis now for about 2 years, and I can’t thank them enough for the knowledge, encouragement, and healing they have brought into my life! They really listen to me and make every effort to figure out what my body truly needs. I believe they are both a blessing from God, and I can’t wait to continue to work towards total wellness this year with them!! Thank you Dr. Josh and Dr. Vanessa!!! And Krista, too! The welcoming atmosphere you create at the office helps brighten my day each time I’m there! I never wanna leave after my treatments are over because the office is such a happy place full of healing! This year I’m going to be the healthiest I’ve ever been thanks to GFC Wellness!
— ★★★★★ by Rebecca P.
I could not be happier with the care I have received at GFC Wellness Center! When I first started, I had a lot of shoulder, neck and hand pain. I can now say I live pain free! Additionally, Dr. Josh was able to help relieve a lot of GI issues by recommending supplements and diet changes. Dr. Josh and his team are kind and compassionate and their total body comprehensive care is what makes them the best I’ve ever been too. I would recommend anybody, young to old, to Dr. Josh and Dr. Vanessa !
— ★★★★★ by Julia H.
I started going to GFC Wellness at the end of July and I was amazed how wonderful I felt even at 1 visit. My back has never felt stronger. I loved how Dr Josh, Dr Vanessa and Krista make you feel so welcome. I’ve sent my whole family there so you know they are the best! Thank you Thank you for the wonderful care you have given myself and my family.
— ★★★★★ by Amy K.