Holistic Chiropractic


A holistic chiropractor is one that goes beyond just adjusting the spine. A holistic chiropractor is a practitioner who has studied beyond their doctorate degree. They spend thousands of hours studying other aspects or health related conditions not considered in the arena of a traditional chiropractor.

What makes a holistic chiropractor unique is that they have specialized training in eliminating the three main stressors of the body.  These body stressors consist of physical, chemical, and emotional health. Traditional chiropractors mainly focus on the physical aspect of the triad of health.

Structure/Physical: Structure, with which chiropractic has always been involved, is the base of the triangle.  Many chiropractors have limited their concentration to the removal of spinal subluxations to improve nerve function.  This, of course, has obtained excellent results--it always will.  Many health problems which chiropractors must deal with improves to a higher level when extra spinal structural dysfunction is corrected and examination/treatment is applied to the other factors or the triad, when involved.  

Chemical/Nutritional: Currently the chemical factor of health is dominated by the medical profession. Nutritionists perform an important role in health care by concentrating on the chemical side of the triad.  The difference between the two is the medical profession often uses chemicals to control body function while the use of nutrition is directed toward building tissue.  It provides basic raw materials for normal body function.  The allopath attempts to control the other two sides for the triangle with substances. These would consist of tranquilizers/antidepressants for the mental aspect and muscle relaxants/analgesics for the structural aspect.

Mental/Emotional: Mental health care has always been dominated by psychiatrist, psychologists, and various types of counselors.

In holistic chiropractic there is strong emphasis on examining all three sides of the triad of health and directing natural therapeutic efforts to each.    

New Patients

  • Initial appointment can take up to 1 hour and will include in-depth case history, a thorough evaluation as well as your first treatment.

  • Your second visit will be based on Dr. Josh’s report of findings in which you will be given a protocol based your symptoms and complaints. This appointment can take up to 30 minutes.

  • Appointments are typically 15 minutes thereafter.